About me

Hi I’m Roussina and I am a UX Designer working in New York. I majored in Advertising Design, with the aim of becoming an Art Director, but also loved my art history, painting, film and acting classes at Syracuse University. In the Summer before my Senior year I interned at a local ad agency and moved to New York after graduation. I went on to do minor design and administrative duties for the publisher of American Ceramics magazine for the next two years, while teaching Art and Design classes to kids and teens at LaGuardia Community College and on occasion freelancing as a production artist at ad agencies. Art is Work, said the sign at the top of the entry way at 208 East 32nd Street. I hope it still does. A more serious art director internship at a major ad agency in midtown east led to entry level roles in the ad media world in New York of the mid 2000s, as well as various freelancing projects started coming up. I landed a personal client, with whom I work to this day.

I balanced my commercial work with personal visual art work, like painting, graphic and logo design. The crash of late 2008 made me see the so called Interaction Designers had lots more work than “traditional” designers working in print or other media based in older technology. Between my first and second year of grad school at Parsons School of Design my game design teacher hired me to work as a Visual Designer at his startup he had co-founded. Graduation propelled me to various consulting assignments as well as full time roles in more prominent technology based design orgs and startups around the city. My fattening resume garnered attention of companies offering me full time roles in the capability of UX Designer and Information Architect.

As I grow in seniority my creative approach and communication style continue to be collaborative, iterative and inclusive.

I have been recognized in industry circles such as:

2013 IFP Mobile Web Game Jam NYC - Runner Up for MNMLSTCWBY

2013 Mozilla Game On Challenge - Notable Entry for Trollympics - a multi-device mobile web game

2011 Selected as Parsons Bootcamp Design Teaching Fellow

2008 Ad campaign published in Think Now, Design Later by Pete Barry

2004 Leo Burnett Scholarship for Outstanding Student in Advertising Design

I still paint, this time with the goal to exhibit more and more with time. Two mantras have remained my guiding light: The purpose of our craft is to make dreams a fact. And, Art is Work.