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Helping nurses keep track of patients needs


UI / UX Designer




I was contracted by Accenture to redesign the interface and user experience of this online administrative platform for nurses, initially built on the Salesforce platform. The Intelligent Patient Platform is a web based portal where nurses log in to manage medication intake and overall procedure and treatment followup of hospital patients. The project was completed in Sketch. I was the only UX Designer on the project, collaborating with several Product and Project Managers on the same team.



This product had tremendous usability challenges. It was built for Salesforce, but suffered from small sized inconsistent typography, confusing tab navigation with important information scattered throughout the interface (please see all Before screenshots below). In addition, as a designer, to tackle this challenge I was only presented with a collection of screenshots placed in a Word document. This was to illustrate what the product is in its current state - I did not have the opportunity to actually interact with an application. My only point of research were my stakeholders, project and product managers.

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Home page 1.png
Home page 2.png
Home page 3.png
Onboarding Workflow.png
Adherence Summary.png



This quick-turnaround project took on two iterations and the second stronger one was finalized. Within our initial phone calls I was able to uncover high level requirements and decipher more urgent design and development needs. We used rapid prototyping and agile methodologies which consisted of daily phone calls to review progress and once or twice a week review presentation where I delivered a full set of designs.

Home page, with drop down menu.

HOME PAGE_in browser.png

Home page, with Notifications toggled.

HOME PAGE w Notifs_in browser.png

Patient’s Adherence Summary screen toggled and un-toggled.

Adherence Summary Toggled.png
Adherence Summary.png

Onboarding workflow screen.

Onboarding workflow_in browser.png


The entire layout became a lot more user friendly and got immediately approved by stakeholders with no push back.